Les gens heureux

Restaurant sans gluten à Caen

Service du lundi au vendredi midi de 12H à 14h00. Fermeture du restaurant à 15h.
N'hésitez pas à pousser la porte si vous voyez de la lumière en dehors de ces horaires pour acheter du pain ou des cookies ! 

We are open from mondays to fridays for lunch !

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+33 9 53 18 64 06

[email protected]


 Les gens heureux 

144 Rue Caponière 

14 000 Caen 


We speak english !

If you come to Normandy and you are looking for a happy restaurant, then Welcome chez Les gens heureux ! We cook fresh products, some of them local, most of them organic. Everything is HOMEMADE.  We also make our own bread. Yes we do :)  And if you liked it, you can even buy some to take home with you. 
We have a weekly menu with 2 dishes : the first one is vegetarian or vegan and the second one is cooked with meat or fish. There are 4 desserts. We always propose a vegan option. You can buy deliiiicioussss cookies all day long. 
Last but not least... There is NO GLUTEN whatsoever! 
We say "sans gluten incognito" because you won't be able to guess that everything you eat is gluten free... 
We made it our mission to show that gluten free is sexy!
Now that you've read this little introduction about Les gens heureux, we hope that you'll want to come and have a lovely lunch break with us. 

See you very soon !